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November, 2017
Meet R.A. Goodyear, author
A blog and marketing site for a science fiction and fantasy author with automatic posting to social media.
Web Design, Branding, Writing
November, 2017
Action*Farscape! Marketing Site
A blog site to support social media marketing of the idea of bringing back Farscape, a science fiction television show
Web Design, Advertising, Film
November, 2017
AWLMC Website Rebuild
Conversion of 1996 HTML/CSS website to Joomla! with addition of secure intranet, photo galleries, video galleries and document repository.
Web Design, Information Architecture, Web Development
October, 2016
Freeze Frame 4 Vets
A Joomla-based indie movie marketing site that also educates about PTSD.
Digital Art, Film, Web Development
July, 2016
Amori's Casino and Burlesque
Move the contents of the website from GoDaddy's proprietary website design software to a new web host and construct an open source Joomla!-based version of the site to provide up-to-date interactive features such as calendar, contact page, photo gallery and social media integration.
Branding, Editing, Web Development
June, 2012
The Star of Bethlehem
This is actually a kickstarter project that grew from this very roughed-in WordPress brochure site.
Copywriting, UI/UX
July, 2016
Vets, Pets and Laughs Blog
Update an old blog and import it into a new web host. Overhaul the layout of the CMS adding pages, taxonomy, and organizing the Media Center. Extensive customization of theme and plugins.
Branding, UI/UX, Web Development
July, 2016
Blazing Wisdom Institute
Upgrade website to latest Joomla OS and replace outmoded and outdated extensions. Review every article for outdated extensions, build a calendar from over 200 articles and reorganize the site.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Web Development
March, 2016
Emei QiGong Wisdom Center
Upgrade and redesign an old Joomla! website to bring it up to security standards and enhance its user-friendliness for a non-profit Chinese Medicine organization.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
September, 2015
Mobile Medical Care, Inc.
A Joomla site supporting a mobile medical clinic providing secure access for doctors as well as patient resources.
Branding, Copywriting, Web Development
September, 2015
Cave Communications - Hutchison Glass and Mirror
A Joomla site advertising the residential and commercial glass works of a local manufacturer.
Advertising, Branding, Furniture Design
September, 2015
Cave Communications, Inc. - Green Stone
A Joomla upgrade project taking a website from Version 1.5 to Version 2.5 and updating all extensions.
Advertising, Architecture, Branding
September, 2015
Children's Innovative Therapy Group, LLC
A Joomla-based website supporting a speech therapy center providing blogging, slideshow, event management, resource downloads, and online payment.
Copywriting, Information Architecture
September, 2015
The BIOMAC Foundation
A Joomla-based website supporting the application of biometric access control to all weapons through legislative action.
Advertising, Engineering, Industrial Design
September, 2015
Reagan, The Movie
A Joomla website presenting a proposed independent movie called Reagan that provided historical videos, original documents downloads, blogging, photo galleries, and newsletter.
Advertising, Branding, Film
September, 2015
Golgotha, The Movie
A Joomla-based website introducing an independent film called Golgotha.
Advertising, Branding, Film
September, 2015
Rising Coaches Elite, LLC
A Joomla-based website providing event management for a conference of rising coaches. The site provided signup, Event information, past event photo gallery, and blogging.
Branding, Copywriting, Exhibition Design
September, 2015
Naught for Hire, LLC
A Joomla site advertising a proposed web series based on the books about Nick Naught by John Stith. The site supports video streaming, blogging, photo galleries, flip book, and newsletter.
Branding, Cinematography, Copywriting
September, 2015
Preventive Medicine, Inc.
Content manager using Alfresco to manage the integration of Flash animation and subject matter into a game. Built a Joomla site to contain the intellectual property of the business, including video, illustrations, and the actual game.
Animation, Art Direction, Game Design
September, 2015
Interfaith Community Against Domestic Violence
A Joomla website used for event planning, resources, blogging, donations, and fundraising.
Branding, Exhibition Design, Web Development
September, 2015
Capitol Technology Information Services, Inc.
A Joomla brochure site providing information about the health services informatics work of CTIS, Inc.
Entrepreneurship, Information Architecture
September, 2015
By the Numbers Virtual Accounting Services
Create a marketing website for a virtual accounting service with a private area for clients using Joomla!
September, 2015
Placido Euro Spaces Store
Redsign website for a tile, stone, and wood kitchen and bath store using Joomla!.
Architecture, Interior Design
September, 2015
Paige Anderson Studio
Upgrade Joomla site from 1.5 to current version (3.4.4) and move to a new host. Redesign theme and implement blogging, appointment booking system, payment system, security, and portfolio.
Fashion, MakeUp Arts (MUA)
December, 2013
Bethesda Home Design
Upgrade a site from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5 enhancing the template, layout, and content of a building renovation and restoration business. Restore and edit photographs for inclusion on the site implementing a photogallery for hundreds of images.
Digital Photography, Web Design, Web Development
December, 2013
Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida
Convert an HTML site to Joomla! 2.5 in support of an audiology practice. Create and implement a hearing aid catalog, glossary, and marketing content for the site.
Web Design, Web Development, Writing
December, 2013
Create and implement a website for a science fiction convention including guest list, forum, travel arrangement information, ticketing, forum, and blog.
Copywriting, Web Design, Web Development
November, 2013
Washington Home and Garden Magazine
Web site re-design supporting blog articles and advertisements for home improvement organizations. Work entailed graphics, template customization, social media additions, and security additions.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
February, 2013
Freeze Frame 4 Vets, Ver 2
Migrate Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 2.5 and re-design layout to better incorporate film profile and veteran resources.
Web Design, Web Development, Writing
January, 2013
Vertical Leap Consulting, LLC
Update entire website to new version of Joomla (Version 1.5 to the most recent version -- 3.5x) and updated or replaced all extensions. Added CSS3 animations and customization of template as well as enhanced articles with testimonial sliders. Updated the forms and download security for e-books.
Information Architecture, Web Design, Web Development
January, 2013
Introducing The NanoXCam
Create a brochure website using Joomla! that presents a new action camcorder.
Branding, Web Development, Writing
October, 2012
Beauty Tips Salon
A Joomla!-based website for a small beauty salon that provides online appointment booking, social network integration, a storefront for salon product sales, and descriptions of their services.
Branding, Copywriting, Web Development
October, 2012
Strange Frame: Love and Sax
Take an existing WordPress website and update it to prepare for film distribution by simplifying the contents, enhancing the marketing value, and extensively customizing the underlying code to fit new requirements.
Creative Direction, Web Design, Web Development
October, 2012
SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier, v2
The redesign of a chocolate confectionary website based on Joomla! to include video streaming, e-commerce, and photogalleries.
Editorial Design, Storyboarding, Web Development
October, 2012
Star of Bethlehem, V2
A WordPress brochure site promoting an ecumenical jewelery collection using motion-capture and standard video.
Product Design, Web Design, Web Development
August, 2012
Alex's Art Loft Ver. 2
A website redesign from Joomla! 1.5 to WordPress to better enable Alex, an autistic artist, to enter his own news and artworks.
Copywriting, Web Design, Web Development
July, 2012
The Learning Community Int'l School
A non-profit private school Joomla!-based website featuring a social network integrated with the Moodle learning management system and a storefront for tuition payment.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
June, 2012
Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center
Convert a classic HTML article and web link site to a Joomla! information repository, classified ad, bulletin board, photo gallery, and web link catalog site.
Copywriting, Editorial Design, Web Design
June, 2012
E-Play Sports, Inc.
A video sharing social network for sports fans integrated with e-commerce and group coupons based upon Joomla and JomSocial.
Branding, Editorial Design, Web Design
June, 2012
Circle of Rights, Inc.
A re-design of a WordPress blog into a CMS portal supporting event management, fundraising, video and photo galleries, and interactive social networking.
Branding, Copywriting, Web Design
April, 2012
Alex's Art Loft
Joomla Portfolio and Blog site for an autistic artist
Branding, Copywriting, Web Design
April, 2012
COR Orthopaedics
A Joomla web portal and information repository for a medical practice.
Branding, Editorial Design, Web Design
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